We have the best podiatrists in Geelong who use the latest technology combined with clinical experience and gold standard practice to provide the highest level of care to meet all your needs.


Stephanie prides herself on delivering proven Podiatry treatment options for all members of the community. She aims to utilize the latest clinically proven management plans to benefit each individual client. Stephanie works across all of the Pure Podiatry clinics. She has been working in the Geelong area for over 8 years and has extensive experience in biomechanical ortho-mechanical devices and chronic heel pain. Stephanie specialises in Heel pain management and Plantar Fasciitis.

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Chris works at Corio, Newtown, and Barwon Endocrinology and is also currently the senior clinician at Geelong Hospital/University Hospital (Barwon Health) where he oversees the patient treatment/management at the High Risk Foot Unit and the Diabetic Referral Centre. Chris’s primary focus is on GP management plan correspondence, diabetes and the dermatological treatment to prevent injury and assessment of this chronic condition.

Special Interests: Chronic disease management, nail surgery and debridement, diabetes co-morbidities, anthropathies, biomechanics and gait analysis.

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Sophie has worked extensively at Barwon Health, Geelong Hospital and The McKellar Centre, specialising in Podiatry wound care. She is experienced in all aspects of podiatry but has a special interest in Diabetic foot care and managing sports injuries. She enjoys working at all of our Pure Podiatry locations and promotes the successful multidisciplinary teams and ideals we strive to provide

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Laura is a highly experienced Podiatrist that has worked in the Geelong region for over 10 years. Her gentle touch and charismatic personality shine through in her Podiatry care. She prides herself on her success in managing complex heel and foot pain complaints. Her use and expertise in orthotic therapy and footwear education can be customised to optimise outcomes in all her patients’ cases.

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Mikaela is passionate about reducing pain, using a conjunction of lower limb strengthening and orthotic therapy. She has experience in all aspects of Podiatry from High Risk Foot Care to complex Biomechanical Assessments. Mikaela is from a small country town in Victoria and strives to promote awareness of Podiatry and accessible health care to these areas. Mikaela works at Newtown Allied Health Centre.

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Adrian’s interests include: Sports podiatry, foot & ankle injuries.Adrian believes in specific patient based care and getting the best results for his individual patients. No one case is the same! Adrian specialises in heel pain and orthotic therapy. Adrian works across multiple Pure Podiatry sites.

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You can see Kat at the Drysdale Clinic. Kat works closely with the Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health clinic staff to get the best results for her patients. She has extensive experience in all areas of Podiatry and thrives in Diabetic Foot Care and education. Her positive attitude and calm nature allows her to relate well with all of her patients.

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Ben has over 15 years of experience in the Podiatry industry. He particularly enjoys and specialises in biomechanics and sports injuries. He prides himself on staying up to date with all new treatment techniques and injury management pathways.

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Heleine has extensive experience in all aspects of Podiatry. Her interests include Paediatric foot care and Diabetes Care Management. She enjoys working with clients to assist their quality of life through improved foot health and education.

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